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Haunting Adeline by H. D. Carlton

Haunting Adeline

By H. D. Carlton


Cat & Mouse Duet #1


Dark Romance, Mystery, Thriller, Spicy Reads, Horror



Release Date:

August 12, 2021

My Rating:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 stars

Spice Rating:

🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶/5 spice


The Manipulator

I can manipulate the emotions of anyone who lets me.

I will make you hurt, make you cry, make you laugh and sigh.

But my words don't affect him. Especially not when I plead for him to leave.

He's always there, watching and waiting.

And I can never look away.

Not when I want him to come closer.

The Shadow

I didn't mean to fall in love.

But now that I have, I can't stay away.

I'm mesmerized by her smile, by her eyes, and the way she moves.

The way she undresses...

I'll keep watching and waiting. Until I can make her mine.

And once she is, I'll never let her go.

Not even when she begs me to.

While not required, it is highly suggested to read the novella, Satan's Affair, first.

This book was previously banned on Amazon due to the trigger warning. Please read reviews or go to the author's website.

My Thoughts:

Honestly why am I so late to this book?? And what did I just read?! Plus why did I LOVE IT?!

This book has me in an absolute chokehold and I had to immediately get the second one after the insanity and chaos that happened in the first one. There is so much combined in this one book - romance, mystery and thrilling scenes.

Zade Meadows is the ultimate book bf. Will he literally rip someone’s hands off for touching you and deliver them to your doorstep? Yes, but honestly what woman doesn’t want that feeling. Who cares if he did a little stalking in the beginning? I could overlook it and clearly so could almost everyone who read this book.

The author clearly wanted to add spice to this book and it is FILLED with so many scenes that will live rent-free in my head for as long as I live. 5/5 chili peppers for this one. Even besides all the spice and romance there was this haunting mystery of what happened to Addie’s grandmother that had me speed reading to find out what happened next.

Is this book incredibly dark and not for everyone? Absolutely. Please don’t read this is you have really any triggers. But it earned an absolute 5-stars from me. This is one of those books I will recommend over and over (only to those I know can handle it obvi.).

All I can say is … booktok you got me with this one. And I’m now a life long dark romance fan.


QOTD: are you a fan of dark romance?


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