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Treat your shelf to a book subscription.

Reading with Coffee

Read more.

You'll be surprised by your newfound motivations.

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Research less.

Choose your favorite genre (or one you want to try!) and our team will do the work.

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Save money.

Get a surprise book every month for as low as $7.50/month* when you subscribe or $8.50 for a one-time purchase.

Plus each box comes with a fun bookmark and occasionally you will receive bookish goodies in addition when you hit your 6-month and 1-year mark of being a subscriber!  It's like receiving a gift from yourself each month!

Still have questions? 

Why should I subscribe over buying books a la carte?

A subscription gets you excited to read, so you might actually do more of it!  It also allows you to have our team pick a great book that you might not have picked out on your own!

How do I know I'll like the books you feature?

Well, we have a plenty good track record of choosing great reads, so it's worth a try for you to find out.  We do allow you to attach your Goodreads, StoryGraph, or other book tracking software so that we can better find a match each month for you.  You can cancel at any time, so there's no risk in trying a book or two.

What if I don't read a book every month?

Funny thing is, many of our members don't either.  You have the chance to skip a month or choose another book from our store around the same value, just send us a message.  The choice is entirely up to you.

Is this one of those things where I have to fight to cancel?

Definitely not!  You are committed to nothing, you're allowed to pause or skip, and you can cancel at any time without it being weird.  Just send us an email, call or fill out our contact us form.  We promise we will follow your wishes immediately and be nice about it.

What if I get a book I already own?

Unfortunately due to the number of orders we receive, we cannot accept refunds or exchanges for receiving a book you have already read or own. To make sure this doesn't happen, please provide us with your Goodreads link (or other similar software that tracks books) and we will avoid any books on your Read or Owned list!  Please make sure that your Goodreads is set to PUBLIC as well.  This will ensure that we don't have any issues accessing this link.

When does my order ship each month?

Your order will begin processing on an original day that you started your subscription.  For example, you started your subscription on the 15th of April - then each month after that your payment will be taken on the 15th and your order will ship out 2-10 business days following that.  We try our best to ship out your order as soon as possible.  That being said, we are a small team that works as fast as we can to gett your order to you.  Usually our processing time is 2-10 business days after payment.

I ordered a book that is one genre, but it also encompasses another genre as well.

Books frequently cover more than one genre at a time. We do our best to match you with a book that is the right genre that you picked. That being said, some mystery books may also be thrillers, some historical fiction books may also be romances, and so on. Our scanning software used to place genre matches our books with the top genre they are categorized as.

Can I request a specific author and/or trope?

You can request specific types of books or authors, please send us a message or add that note to your order. We will do our best to match you with books you will enjoy. Unfortunately, though, we cannot guarantee that we will have the perfect book and can only guarantee genre.

How others have enjoyed our Blind Date with a Book box

My packages arrived so quickly!  So happy with the books I received!! These are books I would not have picked for myself, so I am excited to read them!!! Thanks so much!!!

- Cynthia

I am so excited to read my new book! It came sooner than I thought it would and Katie did such a good job at choosing a book that fit my requests!!

- Victoria

The team is so nice and definitely picked out a great book for me.  I ordered young adult and got exactly that!  I love how they package the books, they even shipped it in a box so it wouldn't be destroyed through shipping!

- Bree

*Books are $7.50 a month for the base subscription, shipping is not included in this price.  You can upgrade your membership to include a laminated or laminated with tassel bookmark each month for an additional charge.  Blind Date Book Boxes have a shipping cost per month as well.

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