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Edge Pieces by C. Ward

Edge Pieces

By C Ward

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Military, Indie

Release Date: June 2021

Pages: 135

My Rating:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5 stars


Life is a jumble of pictures, each one important but no one picture lasting a lifetime. Each has an embedded memory that brings back a time and place—some important and others rather forgettable. Alex thought he had figured out the importance of each picture, but they continued to fall apart. Enduring two wars, relationships with a dozen women, and now finding the love of his life, he might’ve gotten it right. Or so he thought.

Do we control our destiny, or do we stumble around hoping to not fail one more time? Is there a greater ending if we select the right picture and listen to our heart? Alex is determined to find that missing photograph of a life well-lived.

My Thoughts:

A quick and enjoyable read! I normally don’t care for books that have to do with war and military stuff - but don’t let that shy you away from this book! I was drawn in quickly and wanted to know more about Alex and his life.

The book spans his lifetime and it’s an interesting look at how life goes and how all of our actions have different effects. The author really makes you think about your own life in the process. I enjoyed that the past seemed like flashbacks and seeing how the different relationships affected his life.

Overall, highly recommend this and thought the ending was done perfectly. The writing was well done and the author did a great job at portraying what felt like an autobiography rather than a work of fiction.

Thanks to C. Ward for sending me this book in exchange for my honest opinions!


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