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TITLE:  Truly Madly Manhattan:  Local Hero & Dual Image


AUTHOR:  Nora Roberts 




GENRE:  Contemporary, Romance, Women's Fiction, Chick Lit


Local Hero (1988)

Comic-book writer Mitch Dempsey creates heroes, but he's never seen himself as one - that is, until Hester Wallace moves into the apartment upstairs. When Hester's son, Radley, finds out his new neighbor is the brains behind his favorite superhero...well, Mitch might as well be Commander Zark. He can do no wrong as far as Radley is concerned, but Hester isn't as easy to win over. Still, there's something about the shy, single mom that intrigues Mitch...and makes him long to love, honor and protect her forever.


Dual Image (1985)

Playing Booth DeWitt's cruel ex-wife in his semiautobiographical film is a dream come true for actor Ariel Kirkwood. Not only is it a giant boon for her career, but she also gets to work with Booth - and since she's gotten to know him, Ariel can't get the aloof, sexy screenwriter out of her mind. She wants to be his leading lady for life, but Booth seems more distant with each passing day. Now Ariel must convince Booth to see her for the woman she truly is, not the one she was hired to portray...


ISBN:  0373218036

Truly Madly Manhattan by Nora Roberts

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