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TITLE:  Pioneer Romance Series Boxed Set (Love is a Gentle Stranger, Love's Silent Song, Diary of a Loving Heart & Love Leads Home)


AUTHOR:  June Masters Bacher


SERIES:  Lasting Love #1 ; Pioneer Romance Series #1-4




GENRE:  Romance, Fiction, Christian, Historical Fiction, Western






In an adventurous saga of the American frontier, an independent young schoolteacher sets off on a dangerous quest to find a new beginning beyond the trail's end. Heartbroken and ashamed of being jilted, Chris Beth welcomes the perils of frontier life and intends to face every crisis as she has all others - alone. Then, thrown together with a small band of settlers in a place ravaged by Indian uprisings, Chinook winds and devastating floods, she learns to lean on God and others in good times and bad. You will laugh and cry with her and she discovers a 'new commandment', that never-failing love is a gentle stranger.




When Chris Beth said yes to a struggling country minister’s proposal, life seemed almost too good to be true. Could it last?

The settlers in their little Oregon community could scarcely afford a resident preacher’s salary, and Chris Beth’s teaching contract would soon end. Another separation. More adjustments.

Threatening and captivating adventures reveal the heartaches and joys of real pioneer life—wagon caravans of starving people rumbling through frontier territory. Fear of Indian uprisings, drought, plagues of grasshoppers, and the faith and commitment of people shouldering heavy burdens in a common bond of love. Ever present and strengthening their arms to hold each other up is love’s silent song.




With the death of her sister Vangie, Chris Beth finds herself struggling to keep the family together. The children appear to be adjusting to the loss, but not Vangie’s husband Wil—his silence is hiding a depth of grief that resists comfort.


When painful memories drive Wil away from those he loves, a strange foreboding overwhelms Chris Beth—as though a permanent night has fallen over their home. But evening means stars, and after that the dawn. If only Chris Beth could believe that...


Diary of a Loving Heart promises a new kind of courage, a new appreciation of home and family, and offers the gentle reminder that the Almighty looks after His children.




Gone are the days of the stagecoach. Shining rails now span the Great Divide to link East with West. In this thrilling conclusion to "Love Is A Gentle Stranger" series, the young daughter of Vangie makes the nostalgic journey from "home" to "home" by train in search of her heart. A young girl journeys from the rich valleys of Oregan to the bustling streets of Atlanta, knowing instinctively that she must "go back" before she can "go forward". The future brings new dangers and new joys -- a train robbery where she loses the precious piece of jewelry which links her homes together and Michael St. John who has everything her heart could desire in a a husband. Why then does she hesitate to say "Yes" to his proposal?

Pioneer Romance Series Boxed Set by June Masters Bacher

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