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TITLE:  Dark Angel


AUTHOR:  V.C. Andrews


SERIES:  Casteel #2


COPYRIGHT:  1986 - Vintage First Edition


GENRE:  Fiction, Young Adult, Horror, Romance, Gothic, Drama, Mystery, Thriller


At last, Heaven would find the happiness she longed from the scorn and contempt of her past!


In her grandmother's fine, rich Boston house, Heaven Leigh Casteel dreamed of a wonderful new life of new friends, the best schools, beautiful clothes and most important, love. The pearls of culture, wisdom and breeding would now be hers. Soon she would make the Casteel name respectable, find her brothers and sisters, and have a family again.


But even in the world of the wealthy, there were strange forebodings, secrets best forgotten. And as Heaven reached out for love, she was slowly ensnared in a sinister web of cruel deceits and hidden passions!


ISBN:  0671525433


Dark Angel (Casteel #2) by V.C. Andrews