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Blind Date with a Clearance Book - Mystery Book


A handpicked, surprise book that will be wrapped up for you to enjoy. All books are used, but gently worn and in good condition. All you have to do is choose a genre. 


Clearance Book Information:
- these books are shorter
- mostly mass-market paperbacks
- some may be larger print 
- some ex-library
- some may be Harlequin or similar types


Feel free to provide in the notes more details about books/authors you like so we can pick out the perfect one for you.  Please provide your Goodreads link to ensure you don’t get a book that you already own!


*Be advised - I cannot guarantee specific books or details about the book (e.g., a witchy fantasy book with romance) and I can only guarantee genre.


If you don't see the genre you want that means we are out of stock at the moment! Check back shortly or check out our listing for our Regular Blind Date books where all genres are always available!


*If you pick Middle School/YA - please note this is a random choice of either a YA or Middle School book.  I cannot promise it to be a Young Adult novel.  Please visit my regular listing for Blind Date Books to ensure you will get a YA Book.


All orders include one handpicked book, gift wrapping, and a small bookmark. 


Due to demand - refunds will not be accepted if you already own a copy of this book.

Blind Date with a Clearance Book

PriceFrom $3.50
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