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TITLE:  Beware! R.L. Stine Picks His Favorite Scary Stories


AUTHOR:  R.L. Stine


COPYRIGHT:  2002, Vintage


GENRE:  Children's, Short Stories, Horror, Fiction, Middle Grade, Young Adult, Anthologies, Fantasy, Ghost Stories


Dim the lights. Lock the doors. Pull down the shades—and BEWARE! It's time to read the favorite scary stories of R.L. Stine, bestselling children’s author and master of the spooky tale.

R.L. Stine has gathered a selection of all things scary, and even added two new tales of his own! Short stories, fables old and new, comics, and poems. It′s a spine-tingling collection of work by dozens of writers and artists who are famous for hair-raising fun.


Discover a ghastly secret in a retelling of the classic story "The Judge′s House," by Bram Stoker. Peek into a Christmas stocking that holds a shocking surprise in a Vault of Horror comic, "A Sock for Christmas." Meet an ice-cream man who will chill your blood in "Mister Ice Cold" by Gahan Wilson.


But first, visit an evil carnival in "The Black Ferris," by Ray Bradbury. R.L. Stine says that this story changed his life! Be sure to read all the introductions—because R.L. reveals why he picked these stories just for you, and why he finds them the creepiest ... the funniest ... the scariest! BEWARE!


Black ferris / Ray Bradbury --
Conjure brother / Patricia McKissack --
My sister is a werewolf / Jack Prelutsky --
Surprise guest / R.L. Stine --
Judge's house / Bram Stoker, retold by R.L. Stine --
Cremation of Sam McGee / Robert W. Service --
Elevator / William Sleator --
Witches / Roald Dahl --
Joe is not a monster / R.L. Stine --
Tiger in the snow / Daniel Wynn Barber --
Sock for Christmas / Grim Fairy Tale from "The vault of horror"; Volume 4, by Jack Kamen --
Terrifying adventures of the Golem / Jewish folktale, retold by R.L. Stine --
Examination day / Henry Slesar --
Harold / retold by Alvin Schwartz --
Girl who stood on a grave / retold by Alvin Schwartz --
Grave misunderstanding / Leon Garfield --
Mister Ice Cold / Gahan Wilson --
Haunted / Shel Silverstein --
Blood-curdling story / Shel Silverstein


ISBN: 9780060555474

Beware! R.L. Stine Picks His Favorite Scary Stories by R.L. Stine

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